How to Group Apps in GNOME Shell Overview

When you click on Activities to launch GNOME Shell Overview, you’d see all installed applications are listed alphabetically. While these apps are presented in a flat grid, GNOME Shell does supports grouping apps in a so-called AppFolder. However, only two AppFolders are available by default: Sundry and Utilities. Now in this article I will show […]

How to Download Subdirectory of a GitHub Project

Sometimes we only need to download a portion of a project that is hosted on GitHub. And the size of the entire project is too big to consider downloading the whole file. Fortunately it is possible to do with a help of Subversion (SVN) program. Aside from Git program which is the native repository […]

cPanel: How to Prevent Access to Subdomain Folder through the Main Domain

When creating a subdomain or an addon domain on cPanel, some hosting providers may force you to set its document root within /public_html folder. Given that it is the default cPanel configuration, it is very likely that you might encounter such situation. The problem with that, is that since /public_html is the document root for […]

JS: Converting RGB colorspace to HSV

When writing a program which deals with color, there might be a need to convert a color representation from a colorspace to another. Here we will learn how to convert a color from RGB to HSV. 2011 is the year I started writing a color picker plugin for jQuery. Due to the nature of a […]

Purging Plurk Posts

After my last attempt to purge all my tweets at Twitter. This time I was removing all my plurks at Plurk, a less popular yet unique microblogging site. While there are apps for deleting entire tweets, I didn’t find one for Plurk, except a python script. At first I was deleting it one by one using […]

5 Reasons Why Programmer is an Artist

Yesterday I just read a very interesting article about The Programmer’s Price. It’s mainly about how an entertainment agency has shifted from recruiting artists into recruiting programmers as their talents. Although artists and programmers seems unrelated at all, this agency maintains its talent management business model. That is, acting as a programmer’s manager, and handle […]

Creating a Login Page That Returns to The Last Visited Page in PHP

Today I gonna post a tutorial about how to create a login page which returns to the last visited (refering) page on success. Usually we see on many websites that when we do a login process, the website redirects to its homepage or account page if the login is successful. Creating this is quite easy. […]

Converting Image to Grayscale with PHP

As everybody knows, converting images offline into grayscale in GIMP (or probably Photoshop) is just 2 clicks away. But how about converting them on the fly? Anyways, here’s a simple steps to convert an image into grayscale with PHP and GD library. Getting Started Let’s begin by choosing your image. For this example, I am […]

Windows’ Junction Point a.k.a “Symbolic Link”

Ada yang pernah denger Windows Junction Point? “Wah belom om, kalau Pluit Junction tau saia.. Riau Junction juga.. tapi kalo yang satu itu sih baru denger..” Wah bukan2.. Junction Point disini itu bukan mall, bukan plaza, bukan juga tempat jalan2 ato tempat belanja. Tapi ini fitur dari Windows. “Hah? Fitur jendela om? Emang buat apa […]